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The Urban Science Building is a £58 million commitment by The University of Newcastle to lead international research into digitally enabled Urban Sustainability. The flagship of the University’s Science Central site, the building is a living laboratory dedicated to the aim of making urban centres more sustainable for future generations.

Soundis were involved in two key areas, mainly the five storey atrium entrance area, as well as the purpose built 297 seater Lecture Theatre. Both spaces posed challenges in how to control reverberation times, improve sound absorption performance levels and therefore the quality of sound in each space. Working closely with the Client’s requirements, the Architect’s specification and the Main Contractor’s works programme.

The Soundis wall and ceiling planks ensured noise reduction coefficients were achieved in both the large Atrium space and the Lecture Theatre. There are many different grooves or perforated patterns available with Absorb-R Woodtec Panels, as well as a large variety of veneers to choose from with the additional option of RAL colour finishes. The rear perforation pattern that ensures the core panel remains intact, allowing for cutouts to address penetrations required for lighting, HVAC, and sprinkler systems. Additional absorption coefficients can be achieved with other porous materials installed within the air cavity.

Approximately 1,127 sq metres of Soundis Absorb-R Woodtec Panels were installed in the Atrium for the staircases and balustrades. The Lecture Theatre benefitted with 515 sq metres of Soundis Absorb-R Woodtec Panels being installed to walls and ceilings, crafting a space where voices can be heard at the back of the auditorium as clearly as the front.


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