Phoenix House


The Phoenix House development involved the creation of high-quality student apartments, close to the centre of Sunderland.

As with any residential project, it was important to take into account acoustics and the overall noise level, in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. This is exceptionally important in multi-level apartment buildings such as Pheonix House, as noise transmission between apartments can raise the noise level and reduce privacy.

Soundis ChipPanel 28 was chosen for this project, as it provides superb levels of impact and airborne noise reduction, yet does not take up much room. It is also cost-effective, easy to install and moisture/damage resistant.

We provided the ChipPanel 28 quickly, ensuring that Graystones Developments could effectively use it within the project’s timescale, helping to create a fantastic place for students to live in, with levels of comfort and privacy unmatched by many other developments out there.


Soundis ChipPanel 28




Graystones Developments


2,375 m2

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