Premier Inn, Media City


 Media City, home to the likes of BBC, ITV, Lowry Outlet and Coronation Street is an ever-growing digital space. With forecasts indicating the area to double in size by 2026, more and more people are wanting to get in.

As part of this growing area, Premier Inn saw the opportunities and built a new hotel to cope with the growing demand. During the construction of the building, we can into the situation to offer the supply and installation of approximately 3,480 m2 of 20mm Soundis Acoustic Cradle along with 18mm P5 T&G Chipboard with Acoustic mineral wool, helping reduce any passing airborne noise but also to soak up the impact noise, before passing through the structure, which could have a negative impact on one Premier Inn stay.


Acoustic Cradle & 18mm P5 T&G


Media City, Salford


Bowmer & Kirkland


3,480 m2

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