Silverstone College


Silverstone Universal Technical College is one of the first UTCs to open in the UK. Silverstone College and other UTC’s are part of a government-funded programme to give those aged 14 – 19 unparalleled pathways into University Entrance and rewarding industry careers.

Soundis were requested to undertake all the Class ‘A’ Sound Absorption Acoustic Treatments throughout the new build college. After working out the requirements and architecture, Soundis promoted the idea of Absorb-R SoftOne panels.

Collaborating with the project team, Architect and the appointed Acoustician an effective and aesthetically pleasing sound absorption solution was developed which meets the Building Regulation requirements of BB93.

A variety of Acoustic Absorption products were used in this project from a number of manufacturers including, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Floating Rafts and various types of Acoustic Wall Panels.


Absorb-R SofTone and Absorb-R SkyRaft panels.





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