• Do Sound Absorption Panels Work? IntroductionThe objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality with sound-absorbing panels, but do they work?Acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels designed to absorb unwelcome background noise inside a space, reducing echoes, and delivering quality sound back to your room. Choosing
  • What is an acoustic spray plaster solution? IntroductionAn acoustic spray plaster solution is an extremely flexible seamless sound absorption solution. It’s a non-perforated, monolithic system consisting of a mineral fibre panel with a layer of micro-porous plaster. Our acoustic spray plaster system, the Absorb-R GypLine αw is a flexible plaster that behaves
  • Difference Between Soundproofing, Absorption Sound and Sound Diffusion Introduction If you don’t know the difference between soundproofing, sound absorption, and sound diffusion, how can you be sure what the effects are? Look no further as in this article we’ll cover all three concepts. Everyone can agree that certain acoustical aspects
  • Soundis for: Professionals, Architects, Contractors & Specifiers. Introduction-  Soundis was founded on the belief that acoustic solutions should look as good as they sound. Whilst addressing the ever-present soundproofing and sound absorption problems faced within both commercial and residential sectors. To this day our mission remains the same, to create
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