Absorb-R GypLine αw

Seamless Acoustic Plaster

Absorb-R GypLine αw is an extremely flexible seamless sound absorption system. It is a non-perforated, continuous acoustic lining consisting of a mineral fibre panel with micro-porous plaster made from porous natural ground stone. GypLine αw is a flexible panel and behaves as a membrane absorber providing excellent sound absorption through the entire frequency range. It is non-combustible (A2-s1, d0) and can be installed on flat, horizontal, vertical and pitched surfaces, vaulted ceilings and surfaces with irregular forms. It can be used to line areas with infinitive areas without joints.

 The name GypLine αw evokes the functionality of the product. Absorb-R GypLine αw acoustic wall and ceiling seamless spray system has a structure that once applied acts as a membrane absorber reducing sound reflections making this product an excellent sound absorber. GypLine αw dampens noise, absorbs airborne noise thus contributing to restful acoustics within educational, leisure, residential, industrial and public spaces.

 This seamless and complete solution can be adapted to a wide range of rooms, from home use, office space to conference halls, auditoria, theatres, recreational sports and educational areas. The Absorb-R GypLine αw acoustic system is environment-friendly, fully recyclable and has natural components that offer optimal sound absorption with extensive resistance to fire. Surface applications include ceiling and wall coverage.

 Absorb-R GypLine αw is a high performing versatile sound-absorbing seamless system, a system with excellent eco-credentials. GypLine αw insulation board benefits the energy performance of any building by enhancing the insulation of the building envelope. GypLine αw is a contributing element of the exterior walls and/or the roof/ceiling assembly. Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C-177 @ 75 F on 6.0 PCF 0.22)

For more information on this product, refer to the datasheet below. Alternatively, contact one of our offices to speak to a technical advisor.

Case Studies Related To Absorb-R GypLine aw

Hurlingham ClubSKY HQ, Clarendon Villas and Lambeth Town Hall.

Design Your Space

Our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge and can provide consultants, architects and contractors with expert advice on all aspects of reverberation control. We can perform noise surveys and will provide details of anticipated reverberation time improvements to help ensure that the maximum design specifications and performance can be achieved.

Fabric Panel Finish & Colour

A large selection of colours available and can be picked from colour systems such as BS, NCS and RAL.

Field Conditions

Absorb-R GypLine αw works are not to commence until spaces are enclosed and weather tight, wet work in spaces is complete and dry, work at and above ceilings is complete. Maintain 15 – 32 degrees C (60 – 90 degrees F) ambient temperature and 70 percent relative humidity maximum. This condition should be maintained during and after the installation. Ventilate building space during acoustical finish application and until dry.

Colour Range

  • Maize Yellow RAL 1006
  • Brown Beige RAL 1011
  • Oyster White RAL 1013
  • Saffron Yellow RAL 1017
  • Olive Yellow RAl 1020
  • Curry RAL 1027
  • Pastel Yellow RAL 1034
  • Pearl Beige RAL 1035
  • Red Orange RAL 2001
  • Luminous Red RAL 2005
  • Luminous Orange RAL 2007
  • Black Red RAL 3007
  • Oxide Red RAL 3009
  • Tomato Red RAL 3013
  • Pearl Ruby Red RAL 3032
  • Heather Violet RAL 4003
  • Pastel Violet RAL 4009
  • Violet Blue RAL 5000
  • Signal Blue RAL 5005
  • Azure Blue RAL 5009
  • Sky Blue RAL 5015
  • Emerald Green RAL 6001
  • Fir Green RAL 6009
  • Yellow Green RAL 6018
  • Olive Drab RAL 6022
  • Light Green RAL 6027
  • Pastel Turquoise RAL 6034
  • Light Grey RAL 7035
  • Green Brown RAL 8000
  • Chestnut Brown RAL 8015
  • Cream RAL 9001
  • Jet Black RAL 9005
  • Pure White RAL 9010
  • Pearl Dark Grey RAL 9023
  • Green Beige RAL 1000
  • Signal Yellow RAL 1003
  • OR ANY RAL COLOUR Contact Us For More Information
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