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This Acoustic Cradle System is a unique resilient floor levelling system for creating an acoustic timber floating floor, over uneven concrete and timber subfloors, a problem which frequently affects older buildings under refurbishment and upgrades, typically due to warping and/ or less advanced tools.

Specially designed and tested for Soundis, the Acoustic Cradle is a unique system that incorporates an adjustable cradle and replaces the usual acoustic foam pad with a hard-wearing resilient recycled wood fibre, making it the most robust system on the market.

The Acoustic Cradle System is a resilient floor levelling system used to create an acoustic timber floating floor.  Its main design purpose was to level out uneven concrete and timber subfloors. Uneven subfloors can affect many older buildings, making this an ideal system for refurbishments and upgrade projects.

This system complies with Robust Detail FFT2 and features excellent airborne and impact noise reduction ratings. Another noteworthy feature of the product is that it is manufactured from recycled materials, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of many construction projects. The Acoustic Cradle system is available for quick, nationwide delivery.

Height Adjustable without need for packers

For more information on this product, refer to the datasheet below. Alternatively, contact one of our offices to speak to a technical advisor.

Product Benefits

  • Meets Robust Detail and Approved Part-E of the building regulations and Robust Detail compliance
  • The Soundproof Cradles are a quick and easy way to level all types of uneven floor
  • The floor is levelled by inserting incremental, high impact plastic packets between the cradle and a timber batten.
  • Ideal for refurbishments and upgrades by eliminating the need for screeded floors
  • Incorporates an adjustable cradle reducing the number of packers required for levelling Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Height Adjustable without need for packers

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