Allshield CP

Soundis Allshield CP is a high-performance board specifically designed to provide external weather protection to modular, timber Frame and SFS constructions prior to the installation of the finished exterior façade system. 

Soundis Allshield CP incorporates high levels of fire, weather and moisture resistance, with very high dimensional stability which makes it a high-performance alternative to Gypsum and Fibre Cement boards. Allshield CP is easy to cut, fix, handle and install, requiring no specialist tools. 

Soundis Allshield CP is a Cement Particle Board with a high density of 1350 kg/m3, it is Impermeable to water and has a Class B1 S1 d0  fire rating, it is fully weather resistant including freezing temperatures and UV resistant. 

Allshield CP is manufactured to EN 634-1-2 and is CE marked

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