ScreedFoam 10

1200mm x 50m x 10mm

ScreedFoam 10 is a cost-effective under screed resilient layer for use on concrete intermediate floors. ScreedFoam 10 is ideal for acoustically isolating all types of floating screeds in new build or refurbishment developments.

The material is an extruded closed-cell polyethylene foam, which uses unique thermoplastic adhesive layers during the manufacturing process to give the foam additional tensile and compression strength.

For more information on this product, refer to the datasheet below. Alternatively, contact one of our offices to speak to a technical advisor.

Product Benefits

  • Zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Zero CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)
  • Zero ODPS (Operating Department Practitioners)
  • GWP < 5 (Global Warming Potential)
  • Lightweight, only 16kg per roll
  • 100% recyclable

Additional features

100% Recyclable

Lightweight- Only 16kg per roll

Zero VOCs – Zero CFCs – Zero ODPs – GWP <5

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