SoundBoard 26 HD

1200mm x 2400mm x 26mm

SoundBoard 26 HD is a high mass composite acoustic wall lining system. At only 26mm thick this solution reduces the build-up of the wall when compared to alternative solutions where independent wall linings have to be installed.    

SoundBoard 26 HD is manufactured from a 16mm high density cement fibre reinforced board, which is factory bonded to a high performance 10mm wood fibre absorption board. The 16mm high density cement fibre face has high impact resistance and can also support greater loads than standard plasterboard walls with standard fixings. The boards are available in 2400mm x 1200mm or 1200mm x 1200mm sizes dependant on your project requirements.

For optimum acoustic performance the SoundBoard 26 HD should be fixed to resilient bars or if space is at a premium the boards can be fixed directly to the wall. 

SoundBoard 26 HD is a higher density cousin to the SoundBoard 30 which uses plaster vs reinforced gypsum.

For more information on this product, refer to the datasheet below. Alternatively, contact one of our offices to speak to a technical advisor.

Additional features

High surface impact performance

Robust absorption backing board (will not compress under loading)

Can support x2 as much weight vs standard plasterboard

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