Underfloor Heating

ThermoEdge perimeter edge strips are supplied with a bonded PVC apron and also the option of Self-adhesive backing, making them the complete solution for all flooring applications. The material is an extruded closed cell polyethylene foam, which uses unique thermoplastic adhesive layers during the manufacturing process to give the foam additional tensile and compression strength.

Downloads Soundis-ThermoEdge-Datasheet-v2.2.pdf

Dry Screed Integral

Soundis Dry Screed integral is a low profile, CNC routed, reinforced gypsum fibre panel. These dry fit screed replacement panels reduce floor height and save on drying times. Dry Screed Integral is a highly conductive UFH panel that gives excellent dimensional stability and heat outputs and can have floor finishes applied within 24hrs of installation.

Downloads Soundis-Dry-Screed-Integral-Datasheet-v2.2.pdf

EPS Integral

Soundis EPS Integral is a CNC routed, 100-micron aluminium foil faced expanded polystyrene panel. The standard panel offers is offered with a variety routing patterns and faced with a highly conductive aluminium foil for efficient heat transfer, these underfloor heating panels give excellent value for money.

Downloads Soundis-EPS-Integral-Datasheet-v2.2.pdf

XPS Integral

Soundis XPS Integral is a CNC routed, 100-micron aluminium foil faced extruded polystyrene panel. Manufactured to close dimensional tolerances, giving high compressive strength and with a highly conductive aluminium facing for heat transfer, these underfloor heating panels offer the highest level of performance in every way.

Downloads Soundis-XPS-Integral-Datasheet-v2.2.pdf

Sound Absorption
Absorb-R SkyRaft

Absorb-R SkyRafts are ceiling suspended acoustic panels and are primarily used when there is insufficient wall space for absorption materials.

Downloads Absorb-R-Fabric-SkyRaft-1.pdf Colour-Palette.pdf

Absorb-R SofTone

Absorb-R SofTone is a single-sided sound absorbing panel upholstered in fabric.

Downloads Absorb-R-Fabric-SofTone-1.compressed.pdf Colour-Palette.pdf

Absorb-R Cube

An Absorb-R Cube is an upholstered sound-absorbing cube that is particularly suited for installation in areas with very high ceilings (typically above three metres).

Downloads Absorb-R-Fabric-Cube-1.pdf Colour-Palette.pdf

Absorb-R ToughSound

Absorb-R ToughSound are panels made up of recycled natural wood fibres, cement and water. These panels are extremely durable making them ideally suited where a high-impact acoustic solution is required,

Downloads Colour-Palette.pdf

Absorb-R WoodTec

Woodtec acoustic timber panels and planks are designed to reduce noise levels projected by speakers, musicians and other sound events, perforated wood panels decrease sound reverberation within a building so sound does not disturb adjoining rooms in the same building.

Downloads Colour-Palette.pdf

Absorb-R GypLine Aw

(also typically known as a “Acoustic Spray Plaster”) Absorb-R GypLine αw is an extremely flexible seamless sound absorption system. It is a non-perforated, continuous acoustic cladding consisting of a mineral fibre panel with a layer of micro-porous plaster made from marble powder.

Downloads Colour-Palette.pdf

Building Boards
ChipPanel 28

ChipPanel 28 is a composite acoustic overlay panel for use on timber floors in refurbishment projects or concrete subfloors in new build applications. ChipPanel 28 is a cost effective solution for a multitude of applications. Improved airborne sound performance is achieved through increasing the mass of the floor by using a 22mm P5 chipboard, which is factory bonded to a high performance 6mm resilient layer.


ChipPanel 37

ChipPanel 37 is a triple layer composite panel for direct to joist acoustic flooring applications. Consisting of an upper surface of 22mm P5 chipboard, a 3mm decoupling membrane and 12mm high density resilient layer. ChipPanel 37 saves both time and money by removing the need to lay a structural sub deck before installing a traditional ‘floating’ acoustic floor.


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