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Anti Vibration from Soundis

With Soundis, Vibration is Under Control


Anti Vibration Systems

In modern buildings, comfort needs are provided with many different mechanical and electrical equipment. The rotating parts and motors of mechanical and electrical equipment generate vibrations at different rates at different operating speeds. These vibrations and the noises emitted throughout buildings cause loss of comfort and adversely affect the lifetime of the devices. It is inevitable to provide vibration isolation with spring or rubber based vibration absorbing isolators and systems consisting of hangers and rubber pads. With this in mind we have designed various solutions for use with wet and dry systems.

Anti Vibration Modular Pad

Specifically developed and produced for the mechanical oscillations of electrical equipment and devices around the equilibrium point under operating conditions, Soundis products aim is to achieve maximum vibration control.

Soundis modular rubber pad insulators are used to dampen the vibration emitted by high frequency devices. With its modular structure, it is calculated according to the incoming load. The pads can be easily cut to the desired size.

Anti Vibration Modular Pad

Anti Vibration Dry System

We work closely with architects and contractors in order to provide the very best anti vibration flooring solutions and products. We have solutions suitable for both Wet and Dry systems. In relation to Dry Systems, where it is not always possible to install concrete floating floors, as the additional mass and point loading that a floated concrete slab can provide often make it unsuitable, particularly within existing structures. In these cases, layers of chipboard and cement particle board can be combined to provide a stable floated floor.

Anti Vibration Dry System

Anti Vibration Wet System

Soundis understands the importance and requirements of providing products and systems that control the transmission of noise or vibration between noisy and quiet environments. Concrete floating floors are the most common type of floated build-up as the additional mass that this system provides offers the greatest acoustic benefit. These systems also offer the greatest strength, whilst the large dead load that the floated slab provides ensures minimal movement under the addition of any live loading.

Anti Vibration Concrete System

Anti Vibration Floating Floor Mount

Soundis Floating Floor Mount otherwise known as an anti vibration block, is made of recycled rubber and is used in environments that generate a high level of noise such as technical rooms, sports halls, in order to improve the airborne and impact sound insulation between floors by creating a floating flooring. Available in different sizes to suit design specification. Suitable for use with both Wet and Dry Systems.

Anti Vibration Floating Floor Mount

Anti Vibration Hangers

Our acoustic isolation hangers are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the building structure, or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below. We have a range of hangers available, to suit a variety of applications, noise and vibration isolation requirements. Including spring hangers, wall hangers, ceiling and suspended ceiling hangers.

Anti Vibration Spring Hangers

Spring Hangers

These are devices that consist of rubber elements and springs placed in a steel cabinet, used for suspending suspended ceilings with variable hanging equipment or installations. They are used extensively for vibration isolation in suspended ceilings and walls.

Anti Vibration Wall Hangers

Wall Hangers

These are used to prevent the transmission of noise induced vibration on drywalls to the building structure. Suitable for arranging different wall gaps. There are rubber and PU alternatives.

Anti Vibration Hangers

Anti Vibration Hanger

They are used extensively for vibration isolation in suspended ceilings and walls. Suspension of high frequency suspended equipment or installations is also among the areas of use. They consist of rubber wedges or strips placed in a steel cabinet.

Suspended Ceiling Hangers

Suspended Ceiling Hangers

It is used to prevent the transmission of noise-induced vibration on suspended ceilings to the building structure. There are rubber and PU alternatives.

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