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Soundproofing from Soundis

We offer a wide range of high-performance soundproofing systems for floors, walls, and ceilings for use within an array of buildings.



Understanding the difference between soundproofing and acoustics is important when trying to achieve peace and quiet in your home or office environment. To put it simply, soundproofing is the process of keeping sound from entering or exiting a space, while acoustics is the study of how sound behaves and interacts. We offer a vast range of soundproofing products and systems for a variety of projects.

Whether from foot traffic or vibrating machinery, floors bear the brunt of impact within all buildings. The sound energy generated by this impact can be transmitted through the structure of the building, distorting noise and disturbing workers, guests or residents. Acoustic flooring is designed to insulate impact noise, preventing its transmission from your flooring into the rooms below.

Leisure Acoustic Soundproofing

Acoustic Flooring

The primary purpose of our acoustic overlay boards is to effectively reduce noise generated within the floor assembly. They address both transmission and impact noise issues, providing a clever yet simple solution. We manufacture and supply acoustic overlay boards using various materials, ensuring that there is a suitable option for different project structures and building types.

The key feature shared by these soundboards is the inclusion of a resilient fabric layer. This resilient layer enhances the board’s ability to absorb and dampen sound, contributing to improved soundproofing performance.

Acoustic Flooring

Soundproofing Acoustic Batten Systems

This Acoustic Cradle and Batten System is a unique resilient floor leveling system for creating an acoustic timber floating floor over uneven concrete and timber subfloors, a problem which frequently affects older buildings under refurbishment and upgrades. This is typically due to warping and/ or less advanced tools. This system complies with Robust Detail FFT2 and features excellent airborne and impact noise reduction ratings. Another noteworthy feature of the product is that the cradle is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of many construction projects. Our Acoustic Battens are a resilient composite acoustic batten designed to reduce impact sound transmission between separating floors, with an impact reduction rating of 24dB. Ideal for new build, refurbishment projects and upgrades, these acoustic solutions allow for the construction of a spacious service void and provide lasting support for floating timber or chipboard floors.

Acoustic Cradle product 5

Acoustic Cradle

Acoustic Batten 50

Acoustic Batten

Soundproofing Overlay Boards

Our Chip Panel range are composite acoustic overlay panels for use on timber floors. Ideal for use in refurbishment projects or concrete subfloors in new build applications.

ChipPanel 32F

Chip Panel 32F

ChipPanel 28F

Chip Panel 28F

ChipPanel 37

Chip Panel 37



Soundproofing Structural Boards

Our Dry Screed Panels offer high thermal conductivity especially when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. Their ultra-high density provides superior airborne sound performance through a multitude of separating floor types. These dry fit screed replacement panels reduce floor height and save on drying times over traditional screeds.

Dryscreed Panel 28PF

DryScreed 28PF

Dryscreed Panel 28F

DryScreed 28F

Dry ScreedPanel 18

DryScreed Ultra

Dry Screed Panel 28WF

DryScreed 28WF

Dry Screed Integral (return)

DryScreed Integral



Soundproofing Acoustic Flooring Resilient Layers

Commercial rubber flooring is known for its excellent sound absorbent qualities. More than that, it is slip, mold and mildew-resistant. It is a great choice for hospitals, schools, gyms and kitchens looking for a durable acoustic flooring solution.

Geniemat Mat RST

Genie Mat RST

GenieMat FFNP

Genie Mat FFNP

DeflectaMat 15

Deflecta Mat8 & Mat15

Soundproofing Acoustic Wall Systems

Acoustic products suitable for soundproofing walls and ceiling, should not be confused with products that absorb sounds that can be found with our sound absorption category. Soundproofing walls and ceilings is required when you need to prevent sound from traveling room to room. Our SoundBoard products do not require an independent wall lining prior to installation meaning they help to reduce the build up of walls when compared to other soundproofing solutions.

SoundBoard 26 HD

SoundBoard 26HD

Soundproof Isolation Strip

Isolation Strip

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