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From our manufacturing facility in the heart of Preston, Soundis have become leading acoustic specialists. Our extensive range of fire-rated, recycled, sustainable acoustic solutions enable designers to create calm, inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.


Sound Absorption

Sound-is have developed and created our own range of acoustic spray plaster suitable for ceilings and walls.


Acoustic Flooring

Sound-is have a variety of bespoke acoustic flooring systems, solutions and products.


Sound Absorption

Sound-is have our range of bespoke acoustic timber range suitable for ceilings and walls across all sectors.


Silencing the noise is what we do

Soundis have successfully supplied acoustic solutions for a multitude of UK companies across all sectors, and with over 30 years of acoustic solutions and experience to call upon, your requirements will be in the hands of industry experts. Soundis main objective is to address the ever-present soundproofing and sound absorption problems faced within both commercial and residential environments. Our focus is to identify and solve the individual needs of our clients, to provide tangible solutions that look as good as they sound and in order to do this we manufacture and supply the highest quality acoustic products and systems available in the market.

Sound Absorption

Unlike sound diffusion, sound absorption is the process of removing sound energy from an environment, while diffusers reflect sound waves in different directions. Depending on the class of absorption, a highly absorbent material will only reflect a small proportion of the sound energy.

Whilst absorbing the majority by turning the sound energy into heat energy when the waves hit the absorbent material. (To achieve a Class A sound absorption, the product is required to absorb over 90% of the energy) sound diffusion and sound absorption products can be used together, to achieve optimal acoustic values, as they do allow to enhance the effectiveness of the systems combined.

Soundis Sound Absorption


Soundproofing inhibits sound from coming into a room or building from outside. This is accomplished by altering the physical structure of a building so that airborne noise and vibrations are restricted from passing through. When it comes to soundproofing, if air can pass through it, then noise can also get through it. The most common way sound waves travel is air-borne noise, which can be produced by voices or speakers. The other method would be impact noise, which for example includes footsteps or knocking.

Acoustic Flooring

Anti Vibration

With Soundis, Vibration is Under Control! Sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. When an object vibrates, it causes movement in surrounding air molecules. These molecules bump into the molecules close to them, causing them to vibrate as well. In modern buildings, needs are provided for by many different mechanical and electrical equipment. The rotating parts and motors of mechanical and electrical equipment generate vibrations at different rates at different operating speeds. These vibrations and the noise emitted throughout buildings cause loss of comfort and adversely affect the lifetime of the devices.

Anit Vibration Flooring

Explore Our Case Studies

View a selection of projects that Soundis has been involved with. Our expert installation teams are happy to organise and arrange a site visit to help plan your new project and answer any questions. Take a look below and give us a call on 0330 056 3195 to discuss your project.

NBS Source Partner

Soundis are partners with NBS, which means you can find our products on NBS Source.

NBS Source is a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products. Boasting enhanced product data in NBS standardised specification format and a range of content, from case studies to third party certificates; NBS Source gives you the detailed information you need to make informed product decisions.

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NBS Source Partner

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