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Privacy Policy

This website is owned and maintained by Wilkins Building Materials Limited trading as Soundis. Registered address: Channel Way Business Park, Channel Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire PR2 2YA. Company Registered No. 12045976 (hereinafter “Soundis” or “We”).

We are committed to protect the privacy of your individual personal data used by Wilkins Building Materials Limited and to process, store and record only the personal data that is legally acquired and that is necessary for our commercial activity, fulfilment of regulation requirements and performance of contractual obligations.

When processing your personal data, Soundis will take care to provide confidentiality, integrity and safe storage of personal data. Soundis will process your personal data by applying internal procedures and mechanisms to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying, modification or damaging of personal data.

Data acquisition, purpose and use Communication with Soundis:

If you want to contact Soundis by using our website, in section “Contact” and “Get a quote” you are asked to provide the following information: Name, email address, telephone number, company name and your query. By providing this information you confirm that you are in a legal capacity and that you are older than 18 years. Soundis will be entitled to use this data to contact you regarding your query and to use it for a potential communication with you in the future (not longer than 36 months after project completion).

Site visit:

Soundis has a right to use the information you provide directly or indirectly to personalize and improve the functioning of the website as well as information accessibility online. Soundis has a right to collect anonymous information i.e. information that is not applicable to you or any specific person (information about gender, age, dominant language, occupation, location, actions performed on the website) and that cannot be directly or indirectly identified to this specific person. This information is collected and used so that Soundis can summarize information for its marketing purposes about which digital services and website’s sections attract the biggest interest and thus to adjust the Soundis service activities.


Soundis has a right to collect data about website’s users (including you) by using cookies to improve the services available to users. Cookies are files located on user’s computers by websites to recognize the user and facilitate the use of the website. Internet browsers can be configured to warn the user about the use of cookies and allow choosing whether the user agree to accept them. Ban to use cookies won’t prohibit you the use of the website, but it can considerably restrict your ability to use the site. In addition the servers will register your internet protocol (IP) address, browser mode, language settings, operational system, internet service provider (ISP) and date/time stamp, and time spent in the Soundis site’s sections. This information is collected and used by Soundis only for the purpose of providing easy and secure functioning of the website as well as for statistical purposes i.e. to find out more about the actions of the Soundis website’s visitors on the site and to analyse the visitor’s user experience. More detailed information about cookies can be found in the Cookies section below.

Third parties

Soundis will not transfer the personal data to third parties, except when it is necessary for a reasonable commercial activity. In such a case Soundis will ensure that the third parties maintain confidentiality of your personal data and ensure appropriate protection.

Data actualization

Soundis is committed to ensure correctness of your personal data, and we rely on you and other persons who have delivered this personal data that the necessary actualization of this personal data will be ensured. You have a right at any time to request modification, updating or deletion of your personal data that Soundis has at its disposal if it doesn’t contradict contractual obligations or legal requirements.

Access to personal data

Based on your written request Soundis, in accordance with the regulations, will inform you about:

  • Personal data that Soundis is processing regarding you;
  • The sources of this data (if regulations allow the disclosure) and how long it will be processed;
  • Date of the last modification;
  • Purposes for which your data is being processed;
  • Information about whether processing of your data is automated;
  • Other information if it is directly determined by the regulations.

Modification or deletion of personal data

If you don’t want to receive any further notices, want to delete your personal data completely or modify it or if you have any questions regarding processing of your personal data, please contact Soundis through our website or by calling +44 330 055 3195

Adjustments and changes in privacy policy

Soundis assumes that, prior to using the website, you have read this Privacy policy and Cookies policy and have accepted them. Soundis retains a right to modify the conditions of these policies by informing you in the form of a publication on the website.