Soundis for: Professionals, Architects, Contractors & Specifiers

Soundis for Professionals, Architects, Contractors & Specifiers



Soundis was founded on the belief that acoustic solutions should look as good as they sound. Whilst addressing the ever-present soundproofing and sound absorption problems faced within both commercial and residential sectors. To this day our mission remains the same, to create leading acoustical products that provide the future generations with acoustically improved buildings with aesthetically pleasing products.

Soundis for professionals


We have an internal team who are able to assist architects in the design process on projects to ensure acoustical correctness. Soundis understand that the visual element is a major part of the design work and crucial to an architect. That is why we make it a priority to enhance the visual appearance as well as the acoustic components of all our products.

Soundis products have been tested throughout the UK, that is why we are confident we can elevate the performance and appearance of space within any project you might be involved in. We mean it when we say acoustic solutions should look as good as they sound. With our range, we are able to offer many finish variations especially in our Absorb-R Woodtec range which we allow for wood finishing, perforations and colours.


The main contractor is responsible for the day to day running of a construction site and the overall coordination of a project. In general, they are responsible for the materials, labour, equipment and necessary services. Contractors would commission Soundis as a specialised supplier and technical advisor to select suitable and affordable acoustic solutions.

Soundis’ technical and support team are able to offer alternatives to leading brands keeping overall project costs reduced. In addition, we’re able to offer a full diverse acoustic range whether it be timber, fabric, polyester, cement wood wool and acoustic floorings. Keeping all acoustic products under one roof helping decrease the chance of logistical problems and the number of suppliers you need to deal with.


Specifiers are crucial to projects as they advise entire teams from design, to materials, product selections, applications and integrations in order to make the project work as it should. Specifiers need a network of technical experts to call upon for advice. When it comes to experience and knowledge regarding acoustics and noise, Soundis’ technical and support team are able to assist specifiers whether it maybe direct alternatives through value engineering and/or new options.


Soundis assist professionals, architects, specifiers and contractors across the UK on various types of construction projects demanding acoustic work. Providing on-site monitoring of manufacturing and installation thus ensuring our clients have full support from industry experts every step of the way. As a result of this contracts are completed on time, profit margins are increased, quality of finish is improved and the end result looking as good as they sound.

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