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Absorb-R Dusk Raft Beam

Polyester Baffles

Absorb-R Dusk Raft Beam is a hanging acoustic polyester baffle. The acoustic polyester and design make it an ideal solution to absorb sound reverberation and solve overall noise problems. Acoustic polyester baffle are key when available ceiling and wall surfaces are insufficient for optimum sound absorption. The sound absorbing, rectangular panels are suspended vertically from the ceiling and are sound absorbing on both sides, lowering the noise level in a room and improving the acoustics.

Absorb-R Dusk Raft Beam is a double-sided sound absorbing high impact panel, it is upholstered on both sides. It has versatility, meaning it can be installed on special tracks on walls and/or ceilings, or by using adjustable cables it can be fixed at different heights from the ceiling, thereby giving you the option of creating original and creative acoustic solutions.

Similarly, if you would prefer a grid or cloud shaped baffle check out the Absorb-R Dusk Raft Beam.

Alike the polyester range, our designs can be provided in a variety of colour finishes. Allowing creativity to flourish and room aesthetics to be adhered to.

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