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Cellulous Acoustic Spray Plaster

Zero Carbon & Industrial look

Absorb-R GypLine visible is an extremely flexible seamless direct spray sound absorption system.

The carbon-neutral Absorb-R GypLine visible acoustic spray is a high-quality and environmentally friendly acoustic spray that absorbs unwanted noise and can be used in a wide range of environments.

The Absorb-R GypLine visible is a combination of recycled paper, wood adhesive, water and professional installation work. The tubular structure of the cellulosic fibres enables effective reverberation absorption.

Three Standard Colours

Currently we have the following standard colours available: White Medium, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. Other colours possible with our Absorb-R GypLine visible Plus product.

It is non-combustible and can be installed on flat, horizontal, vertical and pitched surfaces, vaulted ceilings and surfaces with irregular forms such as steel beams, underside of steel decking etc. It can be used to line areas with infinitive areas without joints.

This seamless and complete solution can be adapted to a wide range of rooms, from home use, office space to conference halls, auditoria, theatres, recreational sports and educational areas.

Seamless and carbon-neutral Absorb-R GypLine visible Acoustic Spray Solution is easy to design because only the layer thickness, performance and colour are required for the specification.

Absorb-R GypLine visible acoustic spraying achieves a timeless, simplified and industrial look. Seamless Absorb-R GypLine visible acoustic spraying is easy to design as only the thickness, performance and colour are required for specification. Absorb-R GypLine visible spraying is fast and cost effective.

Provides Class A absorption at 35mm thick.


Soundis Downloads

Absorb-R Gypline Visible V1.1

Rough Acoustic Spray Plaster

Rough Acoustic Spray Plaster Finish

Smooth Acoustic Spray Plaster

Smooth Acoustic Spray Plaster Finish

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